About Us

We believe that a cleaner and more ethical market is possible. That is why we invite you to work together with us towards this goal.

Why did
Zela begin?

Zela was born from the perception that companies do not want someone to simply defend them before authorities and show that they have fulfilled the legal requirements. They recognize their effective role as gatekeepers of the financial system and do not want their businesses to be used by third parties to disguise illicit funds. In a scenario of intense dynamism and regulatory complexity, companies feel compelled to create large and expensive compliance departments to mitigate their exposure. The core business of these companies is not anti-money laundering. This is ours.

We are Zela

We assist your company to update its anti-money laundering programs, in order to fulfill regulatory requirements and to mitigate exposure risks potentially faced by the institution and the individuals responsible for structuring and implementing the AML/CFT policy.

Our team’s experience brings to the market our work with asset recovery, the other face of anti-money laundering. We act in Brazil and internationally with asset investigation and tracing, due diligence of distressed assets, and strategy coordination for the recovery of misappropriated assets.

How can we help you?

With a multidisciplinary and multijurisdictional team, Zela brings vast experience in crisis management, as well as in structuring anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism programs, according to national regulations and international best practices.

The team is formed by professionals that have acted as members of the Brazilian Financial Intelligence Unit (Council for Financial Activities Control – Coaf), of the National Strategy for Combating Corruption and Money Laundering (ENCCLA), of the Public Prosecution Office, of Federal and District Attorney´s Office, as well as American and British professionals specialized in anti-money laundering and asset recovery.

Mariana Tumbiolo