Arthur D. Middlemiss

Consultant e Board Member

Attorney in the United States (New York) focused in the area of financial crimes compliance. He was the Director of the Global Anti-Corruption Program at JPMorgan Chase & Co, responsible for designing and executing an enterprise-wide compliance program to mitigate corruption-related risk. Arthur also held multiple senior positions in the bank’s Anti-Money Laundering Program. Among them, he headed the firm’s Financial Intelligence Unit, a group formed to develop strategies to identify and confront proactively emergent money-laundering related risk.

In the public sector, Arthur served for thirteen years under Robert M. Morgenthau as an assistant district attorney in the New York County District Attorney’s Office. As bureau chief of the District Attorney’s international financial crimes bureau, he conducted and supervised investigations involving complex securities fraud and money laundering. The resolution of multiple matters Mr. Middlemiss supervised required financial institutions to reform materially their internal compliance controls. Mr. Middlemiss also co-led the District Attorney’s investigation into the role of U.S.-based financial institutions in the collapse of Enron.


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Additional activities

  • Member of the Morgenthau Alumni Group
  • Member of the New York City Bar Association


  • Bachelor in law - Boston University School of Law
  • College - Lafayette College